Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Item on my Website!

I'm very excited to announce a new item that's for sale on my website. It's a mini portrait that can also be used as a holiday ornament. It can be displayed year-round by tucking the strings inside the canvas and setting it on a miniature easel.

At first, it was a little nerve wracking putting together this type of item because I've never tried painting or drawing in miniature before. I like my art to look a certain way and I wanted to make sure something that has my name on it is something I'm proud of. So after putting together a few, I realized it was a lot of fun and many of the same principles that I use with creating my larger pieces went into creating a miniature piece.

When I draw with colored pencil, I use heat to push the wax to bloom through the paper. In a way, I'm painting with the wax rather than drawing with it. It's very handy when I'm covering larger spaces, but I found out that it's also very helpful with covering small spaces.

On a sentimental note, I wanted to talk about why this product is important to me. When I was 8, a babysitter gave my family a Christmas ornament that she painted of my family's home. It's still one of the most precious things about the holidays that I love so much. Even 20+ years later the special value that the ornament has with my family still resonates in our hearts. Unfortunately my brother called "dibs" on the ornament and I will respect it because I know I have items from my family that he wanted. It actually makes me happier knowing it was just as special to him as it has always been to me.

My hope is to be able to provide that type of ornament for someone else. I love being able to provide custom gifts for people to give at the holidays and special occasions. Over the years of creating custom art, it has been a privilege to have a small part in someone's special event.

I have had people tell me that I price my work too low, but I've always felt that art should be affordable to everyone. I don't need much to live on and make me happy so I hope that I set prices that reflects to create the art and what I think could be affordable to the general public. So this is why the mini portraits/ornaments are priced at $20. I hate thinking the economy has left some people feeling like they couldn't give a unique gift for a special occasion. I'm hoping that pricing the miniature portraits at this price and inspire people to see that love comes deep in the heart. So, it's not that I value the miniature portraits less than my other work and that's why I'm setting them at a lower price. I value my all work very much and I'm very excited that something I'm proud to produce will be more accessible.

I'm so grateful that what I love to do is appreciated. I'm thankful that my work has made me happy along with those that have seen it. Thank you so much for being supportive of my work!

The miniature portraits come shipped with a decorative white box that's perfect for storage. The miniature easels do not come with the portrait, but can be added for $2 each.