Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's World Cat Day!

Today is world cat day and I thought I would share a picture of our cat Simon.  He is a Siberian cat and we adopted him from our local no kill animal shelter. He is the boss of the house and has the typical fiesty spirit that comes with red cats (I have the scars to prove it and so does the vet tech at our vet's office).  He can be very sweet and sometimes he turns out to be a lap cat.  This is a picture of him after he successfully kicked me off my pillow (notice he takes up almost all of the king size pillow). When your cat is this large, you tend to just give him what he wants!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cane Corso

Cane Corso

I just recently finished up a commissioned portrait of Tonka, a very handsome Cane Corso. Sadly, Tonka passed away and this was a memorial portrait. I could tell just from working on the portrait that Tonka was held a very special place in his family. I hope the portrait will help them remember the fond memories they shared and still let Tonka have a place in their home.

I primarily created this portrait with PanPastels, it's one of my favorite materials for working with pastels. It specifically works well with Velour paper and large backgrounds. I like using makeup sponges to drag the background across and also to blend the colors together. By far, the best quality of PanPastels is that it stays on that paper. I'm sure all pastel artists fearing the pastels dusting off the paper like snow. So I highly recommend them when using pastels.


In personal news, I got a new mattress for our bed (the Serta ISeries Acclamation) and I'm hoping that it will help with my neck and back problems. I know it's odd to be excited over a new mattress, but as a person that's been living with chronic pain that sometimes makes me put a halt on doing the thing I love the most, I'm very excited about it. Remember fellow artists, listen to your body when it's in pain and take some time to stretch! So far so good with the new mattress, but it's only been one night. Can you tell I'm really hoping that this is the solution besides having my chiropractor on speed dial?