Sunday, July 31, 2011

Look These Snazzy New Business Cards

Who wants to do a dance of joy with me?!

I have new business cards that I printed out! They feature my Panda QR code. All the cards I printed out I tested individually! Yes, that took a while, and printing them out wasn't that much of a hoot either, but I think it's worth the results!

I tested them with Redlaser, i-nigma, NeoReader and Optiscan on my iphone. RedLaser is so sensitive, to the point I was ready to rip my hair out when I was designing the codes. It's a very popular app so. I really wanted it to scan well. I'm really happy with the design, when the business card is in your hand, it scans it very nicely with Redlaser. Photos of QR codes on computer monitors seem to be tricky to scan with Redlaser. So I worked hard to make sure I was getting a scan of the photos of the business cards. I'm happy to report that all the other apps picked up the code very quickly regardless if it was a in my hand or a photo of the business card on the monitor.

I have been making them for some friends and people that I've known through business. It's a very fun challenge to work with the computer programs. It also makes me love my iphone even more :-) So if anyone wants a custom one, please send me an email (

I would like to give a thanks to Geek Craft for posting my QR codes! I love their blog! I added them to the collum on the right that I visit quiet often. Thanks for the support guys!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I made some QR codes!

I'm still here! I know, it's been a while again.

Things have been busy, but hopefully I'm going to be blogging a bit more! (I sure hope I didn't jinx myself, this year has been hard enough!)

Anyway, I came on here to write about the QR codes that I made up. Some of you right now are probably wondering, "What the heck is a QR code?" Well, basically it's a funky bar code that someone can scan with a smart phone and it will link them onto a website or it will give some additional information on the product.

For example, say you're walking around Times Square and you see a QR code on a billboard. You can use an app on your smart phone and get information on the product. A lot of companies are now putting the QR codes on their business cards or in magazines. This way the person can just scan the card and go straight to the website. Some QR codes can even enter contact info into your phone when you scan them. Most the apps that I've seen, ask you if you want to be connected to the website before you're connected to it.

So what do they look like? They look usually like this:

After doing some research on QR codes, I decided to use my computer skills and I made my code (the one above) look like this:

I also made this one using the same code:

So how do you make the code? I used this website to make mine and it was very easy. You just right click save and you post it or alter it in photoshop.

So which apps do you use? I have an iphone and used the apps RedLaser and i-nigma to look at QR codes and to test mine out.

Do you need to do anything else with the codes? Nope just treat it as a picture file and that's it. I like to tell people which apps to use so they can look at them. When you find them in public (they are popping up all over the place now, they're going in popularity a lot now) it's like finding a prize on a treasure hunt!